Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Asheville, NC

Hey all!  Phew what a couple of days it's been!  Yesterday we spent the day driving from Charlottesville to Asheville.  Absolutely gorgeous drive that took us through the Blue Ridge Mtns and the Pisgah Mtns.  We were all in complete awe of the views.  We pulled into Asheville around 7pm after stopping off in the small mountain town of Marshall, NC (Joe A. lived here for a while).  First sight we saw was a hula-hooping party in the park in the middle of town... yowzers!

Making friends in Asheville, NC

Driftwood set up to do some busking while Joe A. went in search of a gig for the evening.  Busking went alright but we were able to nab the stage at Jack of the Wood (a nice venue for string bands in town) where we ended up getting a gig for the future!  We all really liked Asheville, reminded us of a bigger Ithaca.  Slept in the van along the side of the Blue Ridge Pkwy... a mediocre sleep had by all.  Today we drove to Johnson City, TN where we will be playing with The Barefoot Movement tonight at The Acoustic Coffeehouse.  We stopped off at the beautiful but apparently quite polluted French Broad River (fishing was not so hot).

Chillin' on the French Broad River

Tomorrow... Nashville!!

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  1. oh my gosh Jack of the Woods Brewery! I've been there...did you happen to eat upstairs at like the best vegitarian restaurant EVER?!That's so funny, I was thinkin' that would be a cool place for you guys to play, haha!