Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nashville/Arkansas!/Austin, TX

Well it's been a while since we have had a chance to update the blog but we haven't had any internet in a while.  There are so many stories to tell but I will keep it short and snappy for now and let the stories be told when we get back home.  After Johnson City, TN we hit Nashville for a night and got to see a few good friends including Aaron Raitiere, who played on the same bill as us at The Listening Room.  
Aaron Raitiere

After Nashville we headed to Arkansas!!!  Crossing over the Mississippi River into Arkansas was an exciting moment for us all and we were greeted with the sweet smell of wildflowers alongside of the highway.   We played a show in Little Rock with a band called Mockingbird (check them out online if you get a chance, they were awesome!) and then took a night to camp on one of the beautiful lakes near Hot Springs National park. We didn't get to see any live Armadillos but we saw 3 dead ones on the side of the highway...  

After Arkansas we fastened our seat belts for the long and hot drive to Austin, TX.  What a time we had in Austin!  We knew the lovely weather we'd experienced for over a week wouldn't last but we didn't realize it would end with a hurricane!  After one day of beautiful weather in Austin, Hurricane Hermine hit with a bang.  Tuesday night we got about 11 inches of rain and some serious flooding. Our friend Eric Jones (good friend of our Binghamton friend Steve Argento) said he hadn't seen weather like this in ages.  We played a show at Momo's which was an awesome venue and then found ourselves at a fiddler's jam with a couple of old-timers.  Eric and his neighbor Jeff showed us around the city and even took us to an old spanish church-turned home where we played for the likes of Kelly Gruber (3rd basemen for the Toronto Bluejays).  It's on to Lubbock, TX now (everyone around here calls in Buttocks), the redneck capitol of the U.S.!  

Taking too long to load pics here with this McDonald's wifi so more to come later!

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